Microsoft just unveiled the closest thing to Apple’s mythical TV we’ve seen: The Surface Hub

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    Who needs Apple’s mythical “iTV?” Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a massive new Windows device called the Surface Hub that’s an 84-inch 4K display that runs on Windows 10. This isn’t a consumer-centric product, however — the Surface Hub is an enterprise-centric device intended to foster workplace collaboration. Among other things, the device can act as a monitor in meeting rooms that will offer enough space to run Skype, PowerPoint and other key Microsoft productivity software at once on a gigantic display.

    No pricing for the device has yet been announced but we imagine it won’t be cheap, which likely explains why it’s being targeted toward the business world. All the same, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft is also working on a more consumer-centric version of this technology that really will be its answer to Apple’s long-rumored television.



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