Microsoft: Five Things To Look For In 2012

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    Microsoft: Five things to look for in 2012 | Microsoft - CNET News (click for full article)

    "Next year is one of those years that can't come soon enough for Microsoft.

    It's not that 2011 was a particularly difficult year. The company posted record revenue for the fiscal year that ended June 30. And its 2-year-old PC operating system, Windows 7, hit 500 million copies sold, further embedding it as the most widely used operating system in the world. But 2011 had few big product launches at the company, Office 365 and Internet Explorer 9 notwithstanding.

    Next year will be altogether different. Microsoft is prepping the big kahuna of its product arsenal, Windows 8. The company hasn't set a date, though most analysts expect the flagship operating system to debut before the end of the year, and perhaps in time for back-to-school shopping. From that product, much else from Redmond flows.

    So here are five things to look for from Microsoft in 2012:"
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    2011 was the year that Microsoft discovered that they had no future in the consumer space. (Office 365? and IE 9? yawn)
    2012 will be the year they prove it. (Windows 8? Does anyone care? Windows 7 sopped up all pent up demand and the player to watch is Chromebook )

    Five things to look for in 2012 (courtesy if the link plus my snarky comments)

    1. Windows 8 tablets (yeah this will be a iPad killer just like Zune was their iPod killer)
    2. Xbox moves farther into Live TV (Sure like that will really matter)
    3. Windows Phone: We're no. 3 (Mango! Better on SNL and may edge past Blackberry)
    4. Patent Litigation Aggressor (Great - lawsuits will revive innovation and what the consumer wants)
    5. Growing Search Through Social (Microsoft has a social networking platform? Oh, it is going to OEM Facebook searchers, wonderful. )

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