Microsoft Announces Live TV for X-box 360

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    Microsoft Announces Live TV for X-box 360


    After weeks of rumors that Microsoft Corp may start its own live television, “virtual cable" business, the behemoth from Redmond, Wash., has announced live TV streaming from the X-box 360. Well, sort of.

    The only content partnership in place thus far is with Google’s YouTube, but Microsoft Vice President Marc Whitten, head of X-box Live, said during a keynote address at the E3 show in Los Angeles that Microsoft plans to increase its partnerships for the service by a factor of 10. "This is only the beginning," he said. “This is the year live television comes to Xbox 360."

    Despite earlier reports of a competitive TV service, Microsoft plans to work with operators rather than become a rival. Microsoft already has deals in place with operators around the world to havet he X-box act as a decoder, including Canal+ in France, BSkyB in the U.K. and Russian IPTV provider Beeline TV.

    For the new service, Microsoft is planning an aggregation strategy that is similar to the Google TV model, geared to enhance a pay-TV provider's in-home proposition by bringing together powerful search capabilities to supercharge content discovery from broadcast, online video and on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu Plus (both of which are also available via X-box and have been for some time).

    It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that Google has famously has been blocked by the top four networks in the United States and a host of other content providers, who fear advertising cannibalization from online content as well as piracy. Microsoft's announcement with only YouTube on board may speak to the difficulty of securing carriage deals for new digital platforms.

    For the search capabilities, X-box Live is adding Bing to enable smart searches for video content with Bing — meaning online video sites, YouTube, Live TV and the on-demand services Microsoft already partners with, meaning Netflix and Hulu Plus. Voice control will be added to aid content discovery, and will allow users to speak rather than say the name of a movie, TV show, or game.

    "You no longer have to navigate through the menus to find content," said Whitten.


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