Meet Google's Online Neighbors Who Might Just Revolutionize Online Video Value

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    Meet Google's Quiet Neighbors, Who Might Just Revolutionize Online Video Value - Forbes (click for full article)

    "There's a decent chance that you watched an Ooyala-powered video lately and didn't know it. But if you've watched an ESPN highlight or a Miramax movie online, a feature on Rolling Stone's site or TV Guide's, and the list goes on, you have been in the ooyala (it means "cradle" in Telugu).

    The company has a lot in common with a brand you do know well, Google. They both are headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. They both take web-based video pretty seriously. And they both believe in the power of data. Those are not purely coincidental commonalities. Ooyala's founders, brother Bismarck and Belsasar Lepe and Sean Knapp, all left Google to do the start-up.

    They were instrumental in developing products such as iGoogle, AdSense and also worked on YouTube before they left to start up their company, which launched five years ago this month. What started as three guys' vision for a better online video experience, has become a 230-employee company with outposts around the world."
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