MediaMonkey Beta For Android Syncs With The Powerful Windows Media Manager

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    MediaMonkey beta for Android syncs with the powerful Windows media manager - Liliputing (click for full article)

    "MediaMonkey is a music player for Windows which offers powerful tools for organizing, tagging, and playing music. The program also lets you synchronize your media with mobile devices including iOS or Android phones or tablets. With the help of plugins you can also use MediaMoneky to handle videos, audio effects, or more.

    Now the folks behind MediaMonkey are testing an Android version of the app.

    The mobile app supports music, audiobooks, podcasts, and video. It also includes some of the organization and navigation features that help make the desktop version of MediaMonkey special, including support for navigating by subcategories including Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, and more.

    You can synchronize your data between the desktop and Android app. In addition to your track list, that includes play counts.

    More details (and download links) are available at the members-only MediaMonkey forum. But if you don't feel like registering for an account, you can also find information about MediaMonkey for Android at reddit."
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