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    R Squared Films and Mediafly launch web TV channel

    Published: 19.03 Europe/London, April 18, 2011 by Robert Briel

    US movie distributor R Squared Films and Mediafly have partnered up to launch a new subscription based independent film channel, FidFid.com, that will be available worldwide on a large number of connected TV devices including the iPad, Android, Google TV, Samsung and Sony sets.Buzz Remde, president of R Squared Films and Carson Conant, CEO of Mediafly brokered the venture that will bring fims and TV shows to viewers worldwide.

    “Mediafly was just the kind of company we were looking to work with. Their wide variety of available systems to watch from and customer service both make sure viewers have a good experience.” said Buzz Remde in a statenment. “The existing services are focusing on big studio flms – but there are thousands of quality independent ?lms and programming that aren’t getting the exposure they deserve. FidFid exists to fill that gap in the marketplace.”

    “We saw the vision with R Squared because of their involvement in nationally broadcast TV shows like “Macabre Theatre” that run in 146 markets twice a week, their generous affiliate program and their wide access to content. This should be a success for everyone.” said Carson Conant.

    “Our plan is to launch FidFid in Q3 2011 with a special introductory price of only $3.99 (EUR 2.80) per month.” said Buzz.

    “From day 1 FidFid will be available on virtually all systems including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry Playbook, Android, Roku, Boxee, Samsung, Visio, Sony, Popcorn Hour, GoogleTV, Western Digital, Yahoo Connected TVs, Blu-ray players and several new devices we can’t talk about yet.” said Carson. FidFid.com will feature independent films from around the world in all genre as well as TV shows.


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