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Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by plope125, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I just purchased the 40' Sony-Google TV, and so far its the best TV I have ever owned as far as over all quality but there are a hand full of issues I'm currently having.

    The first of witch I have spend a few days looking over and trying to fix and I'm just not getting it is my tv detects my desktop and laptop (both running windows 7 64bit) and i have all the proper sharing properties enabled for it to stream to my TV and i can even get to the folders but once I get there it just says "There are no items to display" it dose this for audio/video and pictures. If anyone could make it clear to me on how to fix that i would much appreciate it.

    Other then that issue i can only complain a little about a small amount of delay when playing video games but i have looked over and saw im not the only one and like everyone else i hope that google will fix it in future updates

    Thanks in advance and yeah im a brand new member and i looked over for a media solution and all the results seems pretty vague on what to do to fix the issue
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    You must start off browsing the computer connection with the proper category (pictures, video, music) as this will determine what type of files will show up when you get to your folder destination. Then after you are in the proper folder if you still see no files try doing a menu refresh. If you still see no files then it might be because there are no compatible files to play through Google TV as not all file types are supported. Try testing with different file types.

    I you want to see which file types are supported see the 2nd post on this thread:
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