McNamee Tells Bloomberg Google, Microsoft Missing The 'Hypernet' (Video)

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    McNamee Tells Bloomberg Google, Microsoft Missing the 'Hypernet' - Tech Trader Daily - Barrons.com (click for video)

    "Elevation Partners managing director Roger McNamee, who invested in Palm and sold it to Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), among many, many other ventures in his long career, this afternoon was interviewed by Margaret Brennan of Bloomberg TV regarding what he calls "the hypernet," which he describes as the sum of the Old Internet plus all the new cellular and mobile technologies, such as smartphones and tablets.

    McNamee warned Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) are not really participating in the Hypernet, and are likely to be left in the dust as trends change in how people work and play:

    This is all about rising production values and much cooler experiences in the mobile environment [...] I think the guys who dominated in the technology world don't get to play [...] There's no profits at Microsoft or Google from these things [gestures to iPhone] I think we're going to try to create a new Web, and we're going to use a technology called HTML5, and in doing so, we're going to have to out-Apple Apple, and that's not going to help Google, that's not going to help Microsoft.

    Google and Microsoft will have to turn over control of the user experience to media types and others who have a better sense of what people want.

    "If things are really different, you don't need Google to tell you what's cool, because your friends will tell you."
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