Maxthon 1.0 using Istreamnet.net "Hold to Download" won't stream.

Discussion in 'Vizio Co-Star' started by joecitizen, Aug 20, 2014.

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    Hello all, I have a question that I can't get answered. No matter how I search, I can't find anything. Or even how to type up the search term.
    I've been using maxthon Browser 1.0 to watch Istreamnet.net and Movieland. I've been doing this for a bit too. All of the sudden I went on istreamnet.net to watch a show and I pressed download, waited the 40, secs.
    Now when it say's "Hold to Download" I pressed it. Instead of asking what player it wanted me to use to stream it, it's now asking me where I want to download it.... It shows the path where to download the file. Basically it doesn't stream when i press "Hold to Download"" It wants to download the file now. I tried doing the same in Movieland, and it still streams. I press "Download/Stream" and It still streams. So why is movie land still working But Istreamnet.net isn't? I hope I'm explaining this correctly... I've tried to uninstall, reinstall and its still doing the same thing. I've tried resetting all of the apps, and it still does it. I don't want to factory reset if i don't have to. I think it may have something to do with maxthons settings? I can't can't find anything on Google about this, I don't even know if I'm typing the search correctly.. How would you type that search in correctly? Well, thank you all...

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