MaxMyTV Uses TV Screen For Home Automation (Has HDMI Overlays)

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    MaxMyTV Uses TV Screen for Home Automation - Article from CE Pro (click for full article)

    Summary: Android-based smart home is launching soon on Kickstarter, featuring home automation and social media on a TV.

    By Grant Clauser, August 08, 2014

    -- Yet another smart home system is about to get into the bubbling DIY home automation market, and this one has a slightly different approach. MaxMyTV is primarily focused around the TV, rather than the smart phone.

    MaxMyTV is a startup based in Pittsburgh. It hasn’t yet put out its Kickstarter cup, but that will be happening soon. Unlike SmartThings (recently swallowed by Samsung), Revolv or Staples Connect, MaxMyTV uses your television as the primary screen and a QWERTY remote as the primary interface. There’s also an app, but scarce information about that. The TV is where all the action is on this system, and that may or may not be a good thing.

    While everything about MaxMyTV appears to still be in the prototype stage, from what the current website shows we can see it starts with a main hub that sits between your TV and cable box/DVR (and presumably to your network router too). Running the cable box feed through the MyMaxTV box allows the system to overlay its graphics your TV programs, and you don’t have to switch inputs to get into the smart TV and social media features.

    Read more at: MaxMyTV Uses TV Screen for Home Automation - Article from CE Pro


    *Here's the link to the MaxMyTV web site:

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