Managing Your DISH Network DVR – Simplified with GoogleTV

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    It's not as though DISH Network makes it incredibly hard to record your favorite TV shows and schedule upcoming programming, especially with the recent introduction of the DISH Remote Access app. However, the Logitech Revue with GoogleTV simplifies the DVR management process even further for DISH Network subscribers, with an exclusive feature that combines Internet integration with your TV set as Google "talks" to your DVR.

    The Logitech Revue comes with a remote which is basically a small keypad; it includes a "search" button which you can press to bring up a search bar similar to what's used on Google already. Just type the name of your favorite TV show or actor in the search bar and watch as the most relevant results will appear on your TV screen including a listing of upcoming air dates. With your user-friendly Logitech Revue remote, you can select the next air date on broadcast TV for your show to be recorded. The following screen shot is an example of what you can expect to see after selecting your recording (via Search Engine Land):
    Your recording will then be established after hitting "OK," at which point GoogleTV will communicate with your DISH DVR to record future episodes of the TV show you previously selected.

    The Logitech Revue team plans to be at the Consumer Electronics Show in January to showcase the Logitech Revue with GoogleTV, dispelling any rumors of halted production. You can find other articles on the Logitech Revue with GoogleTV and its various features throughout our blog, from video conferencing to apps on your TV.

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