Major outage takes down multiple Google services [updated]

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    No, it’s not just you who can’t access Gmail. At approximately 2 p.m. ET on Friday, multiple Google services went down including Gmail, Google+, Hangouts and Google Play. The cause of the outage is unknown and Google has yet to publicly comment on the matter. While it’s not uncommon for Gmail alone to go down every now and then, it’s somewhat surprising to see a vast systemwide outage across multiple Google services. We’ll bring you more from Google when we hear it. One things for certain, though: Marissa Mayer is suddenly feeling much better about the massive Yahoo outage that occurred late last year.

    UPDATE: 9to5Google notes that Google has acknowledged the problem and is looking into possible causes.

    UPDATE 2: Gmail appears to be working again, at least sporadically. Google+ also seems to be loading albeit very slowly. And thus our long 25-minute national nightmare comes to a close.



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    When that problem occurred, I clicked the link to "show status of the various Google services". ALL were green, as in "everything's fine"! What a joke. Not that I could have done anything if it showed red and had said that there's a problem. There's a message here. That message is that we live behind a curtain, a facade. And sometimes the curtain is pulled back, like in the movie The Wizard of Oz. What is revealed is a man behind the screen pulling strings of puppets. And we're the puppets. All is not what it seems.
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