Logitech Revue works reasonably well for streaming from Flash Video websites

Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by madman999, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Not that this will make a difference in the overall scheme of things but just wanted to say that I have been using my Logitech Revue to stream flash videos successfully and overall the picture and sound is adequate on my 32 inch LCD TV. I don;t have it connected to a STB.

    Sure the video stutters, freezes and halts constantly. i am less inclined today to believe that is due to my relatively internet connection as I get the same issues on other PCs connected to fast internet. occasionally the unit gets bogged down whenever some sites try to make you open multiple web pages of flash ads but I have learned to kill those popup pages immediately before they completely populate-would be nice if there was a pop up killer app or a flash blocker. sadly, these are things the low cpu power, low memory single core atom device can not handle all that well.

    Could this be fixed with an updated flash plug in or even an updated browser? maybe. hopefully. but overall, it works. would be nice if the Chrome browser could handle HTML5 encoding for streaming as well.

    some things I have done-I have connected my unit directly to my router. guess the wifi doesnt provide as rock solid a connecting as necessary for streaming video but that could simply be my router's fault or general traffic from living in a heavily wifi trafficked location.

    Why I like the Revue? I just deloused a friends laptop that he uses for media streaming. He had several flash and java based trojans infecting it along with a spinning hard drive developing bad blocks. presumably, a closed, solid state box like the Revue would be impervious to this.
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    No, the Flash software is built into Operating System of the Logitech Revue. Besides you cannot install plug-ins into the Google TV implementation of Chrome. As for if it can be improved, yes... a little. The next version of the Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) update includes Flash 10.2 which appears to be a little more stable than the original 10.1 version. However, ultimately, the root cause of the issue is that the web developers optimize their sites around more robust PC hardware, and therefore their Flash code can inundate the available resources of the Logitech Revue.

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