Logitech Revue Product Page & Pre-Release Available

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    If you've been wondering what the Logitech Revue (and Google TV) is all about, Logitech has finally brought out their Revue product page and it's FULL of a ton of information. The page lists the Logitech offerings as well as a good description about what Google TV is all about.

    In addition to the release of the Logitech Revue, we've got a good idea on some of the accessories and apps that will be available as well. Logitech is going to open up with the following:

    • Logitech TV Cam - Video Conferencing right from your couch and utilizing your television. A High Def web cam works with Google TV to bring this to you.
    • Logitech Mini Controller - Think of this as your standard TV remote on steroids... plus a Qwerty keyboard. All in one.
    • Logitech Harmony App - For both Android and iPhone. This will let you control different aspects of your Logitech Revue as well as the Google TV.
    • Logitech Keyboard Controller - Don't want to be limited to a remote with a small QWERTY keyboard? Well, Logitech has you covered. Full size wireless keyboard that works with the Logitech Revue.

    We encourage you to check out the Minisite, it has a ton of video and information that will really give you an idea as to what this Google TV is all about. To visit the Minisite click here: Logitech Revue / Smart TV Website. Don't forget, we've got a section right here dedicated to the Logitech Revue as well: Logitech Revue Forum

    You can visit the Pre-Order page here: Logitech Revue Pre-Order

    Thanks to Bluen25 for the tip!

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