Logitech Revue Google TV Teardown

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    SE Florida, Logitech Revue


    The Logitech Revue is the first set-top box device on the market with Google TV. ifixit took a gander inside this little box to see how it stacks up with its recently-exposed rival, the Apple TV.​


    It's a very simple layout inside -- just one large motherboard,
    brought to you by Gigabyte.

    There's tons of unused space inside. The extra room should keep the Revue pretty cool and prevent any serious overheating from taking place.


    The 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi board is manufactured by AzureWave.

    You can see the Full Tear down by Clicking on the ifixit Logo Below


    This is only a small taste of the entire teardown.
    You really need to click on the ifixit logo :p


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