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    If I watch any more Kevin Bacon, I might actually become Kevin Bacon. This commercial has been running on TV in full steam for the last few months and has imbedded itself into my brain. The commercial is advertising Logitech's new Revue unit for Google TV. The unit is a standalone product to be used in conjunction with your current cable provider cable box and TV. It provides a more robust television watching experience by integrating the Android platform OS into your current TV.

    Installation is a breeze, simply plug the HDMI cable coming out of your cable box into the Revue HDMI in port, and then plug another HDMI cable from the Revue HDMI out port into your televisions HDMI in. Once turning on the unit it will automatically guide you through the instructions of configuring the remote. This will allow you to sync the Revue keyboard remote with your television, cable box, as well as any A / V equipment you might have. This eliminates the clutter of having multiple remotes by using the Revue remote with full Logitech Harmony functionality.

    The device gives you the capability to search for current shows that are being played by your cable provider as well as shows in the near future. The menu is divided into helpful subcategories which makes browsing a synch. You also have the ability to type a shows name directly, which will list all current shows not only on cable but from YouTube, Amazon, and other internet sites.

    The revue also comes fully stocked with a plethora of applications, such as YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon VOD, Google Chrome, and many others. Google is currently working on implementing the full Android Marketplace for the near future. The unit also allows you to stream music, video, and pictures from a media server such as your PC. Since the unit can be wireless this will allow you to stream your favorite media from your PC to your Revue unit. Hooking up a Logitech HD Camera to the unit will allow you to place video phone calls with other users.

    Whether you are looking to enhance your television watching experience, or just looking for a cheaper alternative to a computer that will allow you to view internet content from the comfort of your favorite couch the Logitech Revue is a must have device. You can purchase it from major retailers or online for only 299.99. The unit will come with the Keyboard Harmony Remote, the Revue unit, power supply, as well as 1 HDMI cable. Everything you need to get started is supplied including the first set of batteries for the remote.

    For more information and a video review, please watch the video below:

    By Ken Detweiler
    January 16, 2011
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