Logitech Revue (Google TV): Photos and initial hands-on with the hardware

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    The Logitech Revue with Google TV is here.
    (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

    The Logitech Revue with Google TV showed up at our office today and we've had enough hands-on time with the hardware to give our first impressions.

    The Revue set-top box doesn't approach the impossibly small standards of the Apple TV, but it's still a good deal smaller than, say, a cable DVR or Blu-ray player. The box feels very light, weighing only 1.32 pounds. The finish is all matte black, with just a few glossy flourishes, mostly around the IR emitter built-in the unit. Like many modern set top boxes, the Logitech Revue doesn't have any buttons on the front, with only a simple power button hidden away on the back. While the box itself is relatively slim, it does require a power brick, which is a little over half the size of standard laptop AC adapter.
    Logitech Revue (Google TV): Photos and initial hands-on with the hardware

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    The back panel also houses the rest of the connectivity options and there are no surprises from what was announced at Logitech's press conference. The HDMI input is for connecting a cable/satellite box, while the HDMI output will connect directly to your HDTV or AV receiver.
    The Revue's back panel.

    There are two USB ports--for connecting a Web cam or USB drive--plus an Ethernet port if you prefer a wired connection over the built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi. There's also a digital audio output, which is useful if you have an older, non-HDMI AV receiver. Finally, there are two ports for connecting a separate, physical IR blaster, although we've had no problems using the built-in IR emitters so far.
    The keyboard is thin and seems well-designed, but we need more hands-on time with it.

    While the box is nondescript, the keyboard is the highlight of the package. It's very thin and light, so it doesn't feel like a huge imposition in a living room environment. We've already commented that we feel that Logitech's included keyboard appears to be the best way to control Google TV so far, and our limited early experience with it has mostly proven that be true.

    Our one major nitpick so far is that the mouse pad doesn't register a tap as a click--you're forced to use the separate buttons below--and we kept mistakenly tapping as we've become accustomed to doing on a laptop.
    One thing we weren't expecting was an HDMI cable included in the box. Despite HDMI cables being cheap and necessary for home video devices, few manufacturers include one in the box, so we applaud Logitech for tossing in a cable.
    We'll be posting more about the setup process during the week, with a full review to follow shortly. Until then, check out our Google TV FAQ for more information.

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