Logitech Revue: Big problem... Green box of lines coming through with TV Signal...

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by ms507, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Hello again! I love my google TV, and I recently decided to move it to my bedroom.

    It was working perfect the first four days, then this morning when I turned it on, this big green box was right in the middle. It is not my TV, because when I go to the GTV menu, it disappears.
    It is also not my DirecTV signal, receiver, or HDMI cables, because when I plug either HDMI directly from the DTV box to the TV, it works perfectly.
    It has to be something with Google TV, the insides, maybe?

    If you need a picture to visualize it, go here:
    Dear directv. What did you do to my TV? - The other Mitch

    If anyone else has experienced this, please help. Because right now, I cannot use my GTV, I have to have my TV plugged directly into the DirecTV box to watch shows.

    NEVERMIND! I did a google search for GTV problems, and saw somewhere that unplugging it usually fixes a lot. I can't believe I never tried that!
    Well, if this happens to you, now you know! :)
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    next just do this crt + alt + del that do a soft rebbot

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