Logitec Revue playing Blueray content on External HDD connected via USB

Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by Steve_C, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    My friend has the revue setup box and has a External HDD plugged in Via USB and has ripped all of his movies (Non Blueray) to it and it works amazingly well. I am interested in doing the same but i also have alot of blue ray movies i would like to rip on to the HDD and be able to watch when i want. I have asked many places and people and i can't not get an answer. Can someone please tell me if this is possible. If it is possible can you tell me what application you used to rip the blue ray movies and what format so i can buy what ever is required to do it.

    Thank you so much

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