Living With Amazon Fire TV: Two Months On

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    Living with Amazon Fire TV: Two Months On - SlashGear (click for full article)

    by Chris Davies - June 9, 2014

    -- Amazon's Fire TV set-top box arrived to shake up an increasingly crowded home entertainment segment, but does it have what it takes to set the living room alight? The squared-off streamer has been hooked up to my TV for two months now, piping Prime on-demand video among other things, but has the new gadget honeymoon ended?

    I watch a lot of television. Actually, to be entirely accurate, I watch a lot of on-demand content. I can't recall the last time I watched a live show, but I'm a heavy user of streaming media. In many ways, that makes me the ideal audience for the Fire TV.

    As I found in my original review, Amazon made a strong first impression with Fire TV. Some of those have held up to longer use; others less so.

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