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    Hi, I have a DM500HD dreambox satellite receiver connected to sony nsz-gs7, U.S. firmware Rel_06 in it but I live in Turkey.

    When I try to set up the dreambox as TV service provider it forces me to put a zip code which I dont have actually, anyway to skip it I put 90210 as zip code and I can find my device in the listed providers(I dont know those providers) but no channel list for lineup, so I can not search live tv also.

    Is there a way to add dreambox channel list as lineup for nsz-gs7 or if I put europe firmware, maybe uk one, can I have opportunity to see live channels as lineup or do you know any other solution to this problem?

    plus, remote does not function exactly correct, maybe I could not find the correct settings, for example DVR button not working but GUIDE button opens video application(maybe we can call it as DVR), and remote can not control the volume of dreambox, maybe somebody know something about this.

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