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    Hi guys,
    Ok, so.... I have a wife that is really clueless about technology but Might actually embrace GTV on the LG if I can make it simple which I am getting close. She definitely must have one remote that works everything because I have been using harmony for years which she semi understands. Here is the issues.

    Lg tv soundbar issue: bought 55 inch GTV with LG soundbar thinking logically that the GTV would control its volume but according lg won't. Is LG serious here? Will GTV NOT turn on soundbars/control volume with optical like samsung will? That kills it for decent sound and simplicity for my wife.

    Does the GTV not have simplink? Will that not work?

    Is there a lg soundbar that works with the GTV remote to turn it on and off?

    Will any of the lg home theaters in the box work?

    Harmony: I could go with the harmony remotes but I think I would loose the voice functions if I am right and that is the key thing in my mind on this google tv suggestions would b great thanks.

    2013 models? Has anyone heard when the 013 models are coming? I see a new remote there that looks bigger and possibly backlite?

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