LG Hedging It's Bets With Two Connected Platforms

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    LG Hedging Its Bets With Two Connected TV Platforms (click for full article)

    "LG would not be where they are if they had always placed all their eggs in one basket and that was never more evident than it was when I visited with them at CES. Aside from a stunning, and I mean stunning OLED TV they're working on, they also had not one, but two, connected TV platforms that will cover a variety of series.

    Why is that you ask? Well, first off, they've got their own proprietary smart TV service that has everything you would expect including voice search for content on cable, Internet and in your own DLNA and local media servers. When I asked them how they were achieving that and how it was retrieving data they simply said it was a proprietary technology. So it's not using Google's voice search apparently."

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