LG 55GA6400 + Home Media Server.

Discussion in 'LG Internet TV' started by ccg83, May 10, 2013.

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    I am new to this site and Google TV in general. I have purchased the 55GA6400 which should be arriving next week (very excited lol) so in preparation I am looking to set up a Home Media Server so that I can digitize my library of Blu-Ray, DVD, Music and most importantly Blu-Ray 3D content (since is the main reason why I purchased this tv)

    I have a Seagate 4tb Backup Plus External USB 3.0 hard drive which I am storing all of my DVD rips on currently but I am reading that the TV has an issue with anything over 1tb (according to LG support) in each USB slot. I have seen some reports that 2TB set ups have worked but I am not sure how reliable those reports are.

    I am looking to have a few questions answered.

    1.) Has anyone been able to use a drive larger then 1-2TB in the USB slot on the TV itself?
    2.) Would doing 2 2TB partitions or 4 1TB partitions work?
    3.) If those are not options then is there a streaming set up that will work with Blu-Ray 3D rips like Plex or something similar with a nice interface?

    I am a Mac guy so I have a Macbook Pro running Plex now and hooked up to the 4TB drive but if I need to stream it I may get an older model Mac Mini to run the server and connect it to an Airport Express to go with my Airport extreme.

    Its not a major server requirement by any means something small for an apartment that will pretty much only stream to my TV and maybe my iPad sometimes. I am just trying to cut the cord as much as I can and go from Physical Media to an all Digital Ecosystem.

    Thanks in advance for any tips and advice.
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    I just picked up a 47GA6400 this week and after researching the various options, I went with the Vimu app. I have been using a Boxee Box for the past 2 years and I have a dedicated NAS server with all of my media connected directly to my router. With Vimu, I was able to see my media server over the network and then mount my media folders and name them accordingly. If you have cover art for your movies, then Vimu will display all of the cover art in a nice grid format (very similar to Boxee or XBMC if you are familiar with those apps). It plays all of my MKV and AVI file types with no issues thus far. I did have some ISO files from older DVD rips and Vimu will not play those. I am going to convert the ISO files to AVI or MKV and that should solve the gaps for those.

    My folder structure on my media server is failry well organized, which made it very easy for Vimu to organize my movies and associate my cover art to the media files. I have a folder for each high level movie genre and then I have a sub folder for each individual movie. I then have the movie file and the cover art file inside each folder (named after the movie). For example: //MediaServer/Comedy/Animal House/

    This structure worked perfect with Vimu.

    I also installed the Airtight app which allows you to use Airplay with your IOS devices to stream music and video. It works very well.

    So far everything is working quite well and I no longer have to use my Boxee Box in the room with my new TV. I'm very happy with the TV, with the exception of options to edit and customize the home screen. I can edit a few things, but I haven't found a way to remove or hide the default home screen cards. This is my only negative so far.
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    yes, LG products will have issues with HDD larger than 2TB... splitting it up into partitions is a good idea and i do know that LG products do support up to 4 partitions on Hdd's (i think).

    try it, it either works or it doesnt.

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