LG 47G2 - turns on by itself..........

Discussion in 'LG Internet TV' started by vbx, Aug 24, 2014.

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    I purchase this "smart" TV about a year ago from Tiger Direct. They offered zero help. I then called LG and made the changes to my settings and "reset" the TV.

    Now, it's even worst. Not only does it turn on by itself, now it changes channel randomly (when using the built-in Tuner). ie. Watching TV via antenna and turning the TV off.

    When watching TV using the cable box, the TV just turns on randomly several times a day. It doesn't turn off by itself.

    I wished I had spent more money and a better TV cause this TV is junk. The remote and hideous both to look at and to use. The TV takes forever to "load" before you can start using it.

    The 3D feature is a gimmick and no one uses it.

    I think LG needs to stick to dryers and washing machine and sell its Electronic Business over to Samsung.

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