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Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by gmurphy, Sep 10, 2013.

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    This weekend I got sick of looking at the new plex update nagging. Took the up date on my Sony blue Ray box, not one movie will play now. I have hundreds of rips of my daughters favorites. Prior, 99% would play, how can I roll back? This is a drag. My poor kid can't understand why plex does not work any longer. Suggestions?
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    I had recent problems with Plex on my Sony NSZ-GT1 GTV and couldn't figure out why. I posted on the Plex forum and got this advice which fixed the issue:

    When playing various content, I've found that I need to use the "New Transcoder" in order to see the subtitles. This works for the Sony NSZ-GS7. However, doing this on the Sony NSZ-GT1 results in no visible video - audio only. If I set the Sony NSZ-GT1 to not use the "New Transcoder", then I see video but not the subtitles. Is there a way to get the "New Transcoder" working for both units with video and subtitles?

    Answer: Set your Quality Bitrate down to ~4mbps or 8mbps.

    FYI - I ended up setting it at 12Mbps. At 4 or 8, there were video rendering issues. At 20 or max, there was no video.

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