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    Google Adds The KARAOKE Channel

    • November 5, 2011
    Since the release of Google TV 2.0 there have been new apps being released to make it more user friendly. One of those apps is actually a karaoke channel that allows you to release your inner rock star via Google TV.

    Eric Boyko, President and CEO of Stingray Digital, owner of The KARAOKE Channel, released the following statement:
    “Stingray is thrilled to launch The KARAOKE Channel App for Google TV. Google TV owners will be the first to experience the best karaoke experience of both worlds: HD karaoke videos displayed on large screen tvs with the catalog, features and convenience that Internet streaming allows on the Google TV platform”.

    With the karaoke app each user will have access to the library of over 8,000 licensed, high-quality songs, all available for streaming to your television with full video in HD. A subscription will be required to access the full library of content, but the free song list is updated on a regular basis so that there are always some fresh songs to rock out to.


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