just got the new update to Primetime, quick guide and why the gt1 is still great..

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by Scuzzo, Dec 21, 2012.

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    i like it, its much better then the comcast asci styled offering.. and on the sony Gt1 its a bit quicker then the revue.. so thats kinda cool.. it seem to integrate into the gtv system quite well.. not really zippy but once the guide loads it seem to run quick enough.. i did notice a fair bit of lag on the revue running this same app.. but it was usable.. just not as quick or fluid as the sony.. and the revue would crash out if i loaded a web site and then went to the quick guide... but that may be a cache issue.. dunno... anyway... as my sony gt1 is operating at the moment i have no wish at all to upgrade to some cheap constructed gtv box just for the want of a bit of a faster processor or clunky interface.. dual sided key board... i have just read too many bad things about the arm processors over heating... and there is some news on the Pulse suffering the same issues... but thats second hand... its a fair bet it will suffer from over heating issues same as costar and sony 2nd gen boxes.. but that a tangent.. and i dont wish to raise the hackles of the resident costar fanboy.. i just think they are junk and will not buy one... how ever... i would buy a revue again if they were not so tied to a badly supported server system (from my experience).. and would absolutely buy a sony st1 gen blu ray box (completely free of the server issues)... perhaps the third gen systems will have the heatsink issues figured out.. but i thnk that the next android box will be more of a pure android solution which runs xbmc and jellybean or linux pure open source... but thats a tangent..

    I like the new quick guide a good bit and it really works well... mho.. the best deal out now is a refurb of the sony box gt1... mated to the revue keyboard...
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    No overheating problem at all with my 2nd gen Sony NSZ-GS7. Way faster than the Revue I had and so smooth. Only had trouble at first with the hdmi input blanking out randomly. After a few updates Sony finally got it right and haven't had any problems since. Very nice box.
    Not sure why you think all 2nd gen boxes overheat but they don't. My old Revue is in the drawer right now if you want to buy it from me ;)
    After using the new Sony I couldn't go back to that thing.

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