Just bought a Sony NSZ-GS8: Primetime Question

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    I just bought a Sony NSZ-GS8 after my Logitech Revue had a fan die. So far I like it quite a bit in spite of so much less software being available for it (maybe I'm missing something) but I do have one major problem that I hope someone can help me fix.

    I use the Google Primetime app a lot with my DirecTV, Amazon Instant Streaming and Netflix accounts. It all seems to be working fine except I can't get the GS8 to switch to a channel for a DirecTV show that is in the future. In other words, it will switch just fine if it is a show that is currently on, but if it is a show that is coming on in a few minutes to an hour, it will not switch to that station.

    With my Logitech Revue, it would offer to let me switch after telling me that show wasn't on yet. That way I could use the Primetime app for recording stuff on my DVR. With the GS8, it is a royal pain because I can't find the station since it doesn't tell me the number for it.

    Any ideas on how to fix?

    Thank you!

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