Just bought a Revue...nice start.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by LES017, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Hi all. Been lurking for a while but now that I got the Revue I'm all in!!!

    Pretty slick so far, but really I am hoping for the GTV 2.0 update and then see what develops from there. Either way, boom or bust for the Revue, I feel this is the direction of "TV" so I am glad I have this to become more familiar.

    I have DishNetwork but decided to install the Revue as a stand alone, partly because I didn't really see the point of paying Dish $4/mo to search my DVR and Dish-On_demand (which I never use). My biggest use is for the various web contents, and (for my wife) subtitles on Netflix has made the Revue worth the money day 1!!!

    Part of the reason I never bought in before was because my Samsung 3D plasma and BRD player really give me a lot of the content in the first place, with fairly well designed apps. But the Revue keyboard has been a nice addition for searches and actual browsing.

    But I think I already need to take my Revue back, for exchange. I notice that the actual picture quality (resolution-wise) is quite good. But this particular unit has a soft, foggy feel...like there's a lack of contrast. Again I am using this as a stand-alone device, and all of my devices are connected to my Denon AVR via HDMI, so I am using the same TV HDMI for everything. I have done all troubleshoioting by swapping AVR inputs and cables, with the problem always following the Revue.

    Anyone else come across this particular complaint?

    Nice forum BTW, lots of good info and good people.....
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    By the way, you don't need to pay the $4/mo to use the Revue with your Dish Receiver. You just won't have access to the Enhanced DVR / Advance Integration. So, you can connect as directed an let the Revue control your receiver via InfraRed (IR) like it does for the rest of us.
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    Welcome LES017, and thanks for joining the conversation! :)

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