Jerky video saga continues

Discussion in 'Sony Blu-Ray Set Top Box' started by biggerbyte, May 27, 2011.

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    For the first time, I've been streaming 720p mkv videos from my server to the Sony box using the built in player. This is a Gigabit service, for those that might be wondering, and it is the Sony player that has the problem that no other device in my home has.

    Having said that.. I get the jerky video that this device is famous for. It used to be while watching tv. That is much, much better now. However, it happens while watching both blu ray and DVD, it happens with Netflix, and of course the above mentioned streaming from my server.

    I've been doing done research. This things processor is supposed to be able to handle two 1080p video playback at once without so much a glitch, yet this jerkiness looks like the processor is having an issue keeping up. I know if I return this unit fir a replacement, nothing will change, because it would be my fourth exchange so far.

    Sony and Google need to figure this out. I've had it with this most annoying problem.
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