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Discussion in 'Sony Blu-Ray Set Top Box' started by OrygunGoogler, May 24, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm a newbie here with a question....I know, perfect, right?

    I bought a new A/V receiver yesterday, and I'm having issues with my setup. For the last few months, I've had the Dish TV box going into the sony/Google box, then a single HDMI to the TV. Worked great, no issues.

    Now I have the Dish TV box going into the Sony/Google, then into the A/V receiver (Yamaha RX-V373), then a single out to the TV. All connections are HDMI start to finish. When I try to turn everything on, sometimes it works....sometimes I am greeted with a black screen and silence.

    I have noticed that if I turn everything on in sequence - Cable - Sony - Yamaha - TV......then it tends to work. This is annoying, any ideas?

    Thank You for the help.
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    Sounds like the wonders of HDMI. Try checking an HDMI CEC options in the receiver, sony, and tv. Try all off, then all on. Probably won't help, but it would be easier then doing a factory reset of any of the devices which is probably what any tech support people would tell you to do. Maybe swap out the new hdmi cable you introduced into the chain.

    I tend to buy Denon's and have had no hdmi problems. If you could try a different receiver (borrow a friends?) to make sure it is that and not some bad implementation in the Dish TV box or tv.
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