[ISSUE] Logitech Revue and Uverse - Motorola VIP1216 STB - audio problems

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    I have posted this on the Logitech and AT&T support forums, but wanted to give it a shot here too, just in case one of the GTV gurus might have an idea what is going on. What I'm hoping are a couple things:

    1. Someone can confirm that the VIP1216 STB is 100% compatible with the Revue - I don't mean the DVR search functionality, I mean just the basic "yes, you can use it in the system without experiencing technical problems". Or someone can confirm the VIP1216 does have problems, but the VIP1225 will resolve them.

    2. Someone can offer some other valid suggestions (other than buying new equipment, as you'll see what was offered by Logitech tech support down below).


    I'll review the problem first, then outline my setup and then the steps I've taken on my own and with three separate calls to the Logitech tech support line.

    I just received my Logitech Revue device two days ago as part of the Google TV developer program. I followed all of the directions, hooked up the necessary cables, walked through the various configuration steps, but when I watch TV (live TV or a DVR show), every 10-15 minutes (roughly, sometimes as often as every minute) the sound will either cut out (nothing coming from the speakers), make a noise like the test pattern during an emergency broadcast or gets choppy like when you are watching a video online and it is buffering.

    The video is not interrupted - it is just the audio. I can even unplug the HDMI cable from the Revue to the TV and even without video, the problem still exists. I did listen to Pandora for about 20 minutes during the setup and I don't remember it cutting out, but that was before I watched any TV.

    I do have the most recent version of the GTV software - as soon as I turned the unit on, it downloaded the recent update that Google released (updated Netflix and dual view).

    Also, I have read about the downstream problems with the Motorola STB's (not able to do more than 2), but I *think* I'm ok with this, based on what I understand.

    Sony KP-57WS520 TV
    Onkyo TS-DX797 receiver
    AT&T Uverse STB (Motorola VIP-1216)

    - wired connection from the Uverse router (3Mbps package) plugged directly into the Revue - I am not using wireless.

    - HDMI from the STB to the Revue

    - HDMI from the Revue to the TV

    - Optical cable from the Revue to Onkyo receiver (this is a Monster cable)

    TROUBLESHOOTING (suffice it to say, none of these steps have worked)
    - Tried replacing both of the HDMI cables, even with different cables and different configurations of the cables, the sound still cuts out. All cables are brand new and I have been using one of them for the past 4 days without any problems from the STB directly to my TV.

    - Ensured the optical cable was securely plugged in. This cable has been used in my setup for the past year and I have never experienced any problems.

    - Tried using a different input on my AVR for the optical cable

    - Tried to reduce other network traffic in my house to see if it was related

    - Tried changing the sound from Dolby Digital to PCM in the settings (and back again)

    - Tried unplugging the HDMI from the Revue to the TV, leaving the optical cable to the AVR, just to ensure that the HDMI to the TV was not causing interfering with the audio stream to the AVR

    - Complete factory reset of the Revue

    - Unplugged the optical cable from the AVR and Revue and let the TV handle the sound via the HDMI (previously the TV sound has been disabled to allow the AVR to handle the audio)

    - Added/removed the AVR and STB from the GTV settings to ensure proper configuration

    Tech Support recommendations
    - Buy a new optical cable - I have not done this because the cable has been working for the past 2 years and I have no reason to believe it is faulty. When the Revue is out of the configuration, the sound does not cut out with the VIP1216 connected to the AVR with optical and the VIP1216 connected to the TV with HDMI.

    - Take the Revue to a friend's house to see if it works there. Other than determining the operational functionality of the Revue box, this didn't seem like a viable solution.

    - Call AT&T and ask for an upgrade/different box for the VIP1216 - I explained that this would be a $55 service call from AT&T since they will say the VIP1216 is working perfectly when the Revue is not in the mix, and there is no guarantee that the VIP1216 is the problem.

    - Consider buying a new AVR that has HDMI input for audio (I think a new TV was even tossed out as a random idea as well - and no, I am not going to drop another $3000 on a new home theatre just to make a $300 box work in the mix).

    - They are going to send me a new Revue to determine if the box is bad, but I won't get it until after the holidays

    If this page is right, both the 1216 and 1225 should work with the Revue...now I just need ot know if that's true and whether or not I have a busted device or something wrong with my configuration. http://logitech-en-amr.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19775/kw/motorola

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    What was the end result? Im having the same issue. Thanks.
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    I have Uverse with Motorola 1216 set top box and Logitech Revue with no problems at all.
    There have been HDMI and sound issues with the ATT boxes for years and often related to firmware upgrades.

    Check out AVSforum dot com or forums on ATT (sorry this site doesn't allow me to post hyperlinks until after I have 10 posts)

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