Is Your TV Watching You? Latest models Raise Concerns

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    Is your TV watching you? Latest models raise concerns - Technolog on msnbc.com (click for full article)

    "Samsung's 2012 top-of-the-line plasmas and LED HDTVs offer new features never before available within a television including a built-in, internally wired HD camera, twin microphones, face tracking and speech recognition. While these features give you unprecedented control over an HDTV, the devices themselves, more similar than ever to a personal computer, may allow hackers or even Samsung to see and hear you and your family, and collect extremely personal data.

    While Web cameras and Internet connectivity are not new to HDTVs, their complete integration is, and it's the always connected camera and microphones, combined with the option of third-party apps (not to mention Samsung's own software) gives us cause for concern regarding the privacy of TV buyers and their friends and families.

    Samsung has not released a privacy policy clarifying what data it is collecting and sharing with regard to the new TV sets. And while there is no current evidence of any particular security hole or untoward behavior by Samsung's app partners, Samsung has only stated that it "assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable" in the event that a product or service is not "appropriate."
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    Good grief, can I buy one of these TVs and sell subscriptions that would allow people all over the world to watch a 60 year old couple watch TV? We would be reality TV stars and I am pretty sure we would look as good as Snooki on TV.
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    When I was a kid we had plenty of security risks that would let people see into my home. We called them "windows". Also had devices called "telephones" which were all a hacker needed was a pair of alligator clips and a speaker and they could listen in on your private conversations.

    To combat these security holes, we enacted anti-hacking measures. We called them, "closing the blinds" and "hanging up the phone".

    Welcome to Fear-Mart. Tinfoil hats are on aisle 4.

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