Is it possible to adjust Contrast/Brightness/Color etc for the incoming video signal?

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    I'm interested in knowing whether an incoming video signal (HDMI In) can have its Contrast/Brightness/Color etc adjusted before being passed out to the TV?

    There are a few devices in the AV world which are dedicated to this task and they are used to make corrections to displays that have shortcomings in their picture controls (or complete lack of controls in some cases), unfortunately they tend to cost many thousands of dollars.

    Marvell are well regarded when it comes to accurate video processors and so these new gtv boxes with Amada 1500 SoCs, combined with HDMI inputs really do offer an exciting opportunity for an affordable solution to this problem.

    I suspect the biggest barrier is the software though and I'd like to know whether or not this is a dead-end before I go ahead and invest in one of these boxes to play with.

    The android platform has apps like Screen Adjuster (sorry, I can't link yet) which can manipulate the color balance. If something as simple as that could be built to work for gtv, then that would be a good start. The main goal however would be fully adjustable control of the gamma and complete color management (Saturation/Hue/Luminance) and multiple profiles for different devices, Day/Night etc.

    Hardware-wise, the potential is there, but I'm not familar enough with the software at this stage. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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