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    I had my IR Baster plugged in the GT1, at first, since I didn't have the STB from Comcast, it worked. I could use my GTV remote to control the TV's volume.Today, I got my STB and hooked up with GTV, they were working perfect until I realized I should configure the TV to get the GTV remote control the channels.Then, the problem came out. Neither code I got can let me choose channels from the GTV remote. The worse thing is now I even can't use it for volume.Anyone knows how to set up the IR Baster correctly.Thanks
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    Delete the device in the configured video source, this will allow you to run through the configuration wizard. The wizard should help you find the correct IR Blaster codes for your device. Otherwise, you're going to have to call Sony Technical Support if they do not have a code that is compatible with your set-top box. You'll have to use your OEM cable box remote control until they provide compatibility in a future update.

    As for positioning the IR Blasters, they should be place directly in front of your set-top box's IR sensor.

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