iPhone remote apps refuse to connect to NSX46gt1

Discussion in 'Sony Internet TV' started by Kanyewesticles, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Long story short, I was able in the past to use the "Sony Media Remote" app on my iPhone as a remote, and now it will not connect.

    Things that I have tried:
    1.Using a static IP address on the tv and trying to manually connect to that.
    2.Using a different iPhone and trying to connect to the tv.
    3.Using the newer "Sony TV SideView" app.
    4.Enabling FTP access on the TV and successfully viewing it in safari on my iPhone
    5.Upgraded my router to the latest firmware
    6.Restored tv to default settings

    Any help is appreciated, I'm slowly giving up and can't imagine what the problem might be.

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