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    Hi, I do not have my Logitect Revue w/Google TV in my hands just yet. It has been ordered and is on it's way. A little about me and what kind of equipment I have... I am a male , in my early 40's, and have always had a "need" not a want for any electronic device the newer the better. With that sometimes comes headaches due to the fact that theres not always someone to go to or call for help when you have questions especially when sometimes I may be the only one that I know with what ever the new thing of the week is. I'm hoping this forum will be able to correctly answer a few questions I have on this Google TV device. Before I get into that , here's alittle about some of the toys I have. I have several computers, the one I'm on at the moment is an HP IQ816t which is a 25.5 inch wide screen touch screen running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Accuatly I have 2 of these in my home, (one is Vista). I have a 10.1 inch Asus netbook running windows 7. I have a 65 in. Mitsubishi HD Tv 1080P. I have dish network, running a dual HDDVR model VIP722. I have iPhones, (some jail broke) And of course many many other componates and gadgets. From voice activated remote controlls, to HD 1080P camcorders. I'm not going to go into everything I have and all of there parts, because I'd have to have my own forum to write that book. I'm not claiming to know everything about electronics, but I'm not dumb either. I do have questions and maybe some answers for some people and hope we can help out each other, sorry if this post has gotten a little winded... but you ask... for an introduction and what kinds of equipment I use. PS I am new to forums, and hope I'm posting everything correctly and in the right locations, and if not.. sorry someone can school me. Thanks in advance for your help,now if I can just figure where to go post my question! Wish me luck!!!:cool:
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    Hi Tony, and welcome to our forum!
    Don't worry, if you do something wrong, we will let you know![​IMG]
    Just kidding, I just couldn't resist.
    Don't ya just love new toys? I'm the same way, if I ned it or nor, if I can afford it or not..
    Looks like you have a little of everything..
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask..
    Again, welcome to our forum...

    The Google TV Forum Team

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