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    Introducing McTiVia McTiVia is the first device that can show all content of your Mac® as well as Windows® computer on your TV wirelessly. You can control up to 8 PCs easily with your mouse and/or keyboard.You can share any content from your computers with your friends and family in your living room.


    Price: $199.


    [​IMG]Also works as a home wireless access point
    [​IMG]Experience your video and pictures on your big screen TV instead of crowding around a small computer monitor!
    [​IMG]Sit back, relax and enjoy music stored in your Mac through your big loud speakers in the big living room!
    [​IMG]Use your big screen TV to play PC games – show off your gaming skills to friends and families in the living room!
    [​IMG]Surf the web from your couch! Access TV shows and movies online, or go anywhere a browser takes you to!
    [​IMG]Leave your computers where they are, and control them via a standard USB* mouse/keyboard from the couch!
    [​IMG]Use your iPhone or Android phones as a mouse/kybd to control your PC!


    ⋅ Wirelessly brings Mac screen to TV with synchronized audio⋅ Remotely operates your Mac from TV with standard USB mouse/keyboard⋅ Also works as a home wireless access point⋅ Additional PC sender for Windows 7/Vista included⋅ More software available on MirrorOp.com

    Size and weight

    Height :
    Width :
    Depth :
    Weight :
    0.8 inches (22 mm)
    5.7 inches (145 mm)
    2.5 inches (64 mm)
    8.8 ounces (251 grams)

    In the box

    • McTiVia Windows®/Mac® device​
    • Quick Installation Guide​
    • 2 WiFi antennas​
    • Universal power adaptor​
    • Installation CD​
    • User's Manual (on CD)​
    • Warranty Card​

    Front Panel

    • LED Indication: Power LED​
    • Power switch: Power On/Off Button​

    Rear Panel

    • Protocol: TCP/IP​
    • Power Adaptor: 5V DC, 2.5A[​IMG]
    • A/V Output: HDMI 1.2​
    • USB Port: Type A USB port *1​
    • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet RJ45 Port *1 Auto MDI/MDIX​
    • Antenna: 2 external dipole antennas​
    Mac PC Requirements

    • Recommended Models:
      MacBook after 2009-01-21
      All series of MacBook Pro
      MacBook Air after 2010-06-08
      All desktop Mac (including iMac) which meets hardware requirements.​
    • CPU Grade: Intel Dual Core 1.4 GHz or better (PowerPC not supported)​
    • Graphics: nVIDIA or ATI graphic card with 64MB VRAM or above​
    • Operating System:​

    Windows PC Requirements

    • CPU Grade: Dual Core 1.8 GHz or better
      (excluding atom processor)​
    • Display Adaptor: nVIDIA or ATI graphic card with 64MB VRAM or above​
    • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7​
    • WiFi: 802.11n​


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