Intellectual TV to develop from google TV

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    Watch the our country intellectual TV to develop from google TV

    January 19, 2011

    Had the honor to experience it recently GOOGLE TV is really extremely surprised, I seem that it is very difficult to imagine what kind of colony can use such a product, and go after like a flock of ducks. Users have not experienced humanization too, lean over the keyboard, resume and watch TV, between looking up and stooping down, what interest is estimated not to have.

    Then, remembered suddenly Youtube shaped the tide that the video was shared in China that year, followers are all, but either disappear or lose in history of Internet progressively finally, and this time one google TV, seems to have this kind of trend too, the strip is some blindness, some strips, with wind. I have contacted a lot of companies, seem to all establish Internet TV Department of the respect. Could bring anticipated benefit, how long, OK it will be these cycle.

    Foreign video development of intelligence of Internet has domestic advantage that can’t reach, it is paying consciousness and paying the passway of users, rely on this, its commercial mode of construction that it can be very good. Where is but our country Pay video exploration, has gone through so many years, is still at stage when unhealthy old customs die hard. Even if PPV at the IP TV form certain scale, this depend on and the intersection of telecommunication and convenient push of way of paying that bi ll get in touch already. And no matter Internet TV or intellectual TV, on condition that bypass the telecommunication operator, it is only a sad threshold in paying. Rely on the advertisement to support, though is a method, need time, need user’s scale, do not accomplish in one move. So 2011 year, no matter Internet the intersection of TV and license plate operator but also Electrical home appliances The producer, need to consider the cooperation with telecommunication operator to click carefully, but not repel.

    What kind should Internet intellectual TV be offered Serve This is what the industry needs considering at present, it has to be can as have, but not simple until hot business move TV set to, come up, reflect his Internet, intelligent on Internet. For example some producers have moved being a little rich to the TV, and complacent. It is in fact big and wrong. Any business must consider its environment for use. Family’s demand and personal demand are totally different. Mobile phone Can offer several dozen even more than one hundred business to user, that because mobile phone and personal and the intersection of time and chip of user use characterist ic. And both hands, close-range operation, convenient switch is with purpose and individualized various demand killing time, have brought up the prevalence of all kinds of in the mobile phone of Internet’s business. The mobile phone has born the use of the computer to extend, it is personal space and maximum among them connects some. But the using the scene to confine to the sitting room of the family of the television, it is a public occasion, simultaneously using time-limited, to use purpose to be clear user, choose, spend in several dozen business with mobile phone while being impossible, do not propose inconvenient experiences such as the input method of the TV,etc.. So if can’t see intellectual mobile phone and this difference of the TV, then probably appear, the tangerine in Huainan, Huaibei is a tragedy of a trifoliate orange.

    So according to this, GOOGLE TV uses the TV from pushing simply to complicating again, become GOOGLE The reason of the products that TV is classified as ten major 2010 and failed, and according to my experience, also really so. So it is a content source of transmission channel to regard Internet as on earth, the video intelligence of Internet’s intelligence embodies in the demand for catering to users of the business and lets users cater to numerous and complicated and complicated ocean of information of Int ernet by one’s own intelligence on earth, this is what a professional needs to consider.
    Abroad, google TV has met contents such as NBC, ABC,etc. of coming from and made square pressure, that is that because of google TV enjoys the interests conflict that their cake initiates free, such a contradiction can be solved through the negotiations of both sides, in our country, what the Internet TV is met is that the policy from state organ is supervised, limiting by force to content source, this is no doubt one of the origins causing the development of Internet TV of this year not to obey, but the core of its back does not lie in the content question, but recessiveness lying in leading right is fought for influences the construction of content, in fact, if the psychologies of both sides are a bit more gentle, pass the promotion of construction of content, to drive the sale of the apparatus, and it is upstream to return to the profit, can keep a benign development in the initial stage of the industry at least. Just present with General Bureau of Radio, Film and Television The distributing indiscriminately of license plate, has already broken the pattern of the industry chain, has made the license plate fall into the 6 – to – 7 pluralism and match each other during Shang and e lectrical home appliances producer, cause the state of affair to complicate, the haphazard round of cooperating. The industry adds the Chaos.

    The video development of Internet’s intelligence, has not nowadays broadcast directly the channel, but if with the enlargement of the scale, increase, broadcast directly, have technical matter, but this form than the intersection of direct broadcast satellite and loud threat (seem not to say on the norm of the general bureau that does not allow to broadcast directly) to digital television . And the intersection of content and the intersection of license plate and IPTV and the intersection of Internet and video dual identity of trader, cause different contrast completely at the convergent commercial mode in content too.

    In 2011, the Internet intellectual TV will be that the set-box + development of television are annual even more, no matter APPLE or Microsoft, will regard terminal + service as its center of development, the high definition playing devices of producers such as and domestic video websites, the for instance happy looking at, excellent friend,etc. have already gone on the market, miscellaneous video websites will keep up with successively too, in order to realize many cover of irrigation ditch of the content. More than one hundred million markets of TV stock not possessing Internet’s function, the expansion space deserving the close attention of domestic operator especially.
    So 2011 year, the intersection of Internet and television of China mix mark to become the television equipment. But probably still stay in production distribution and difficult service break-through. And it is very difficult to appear similarly in China google Intellectual TV shape of Internet of TV. And video because of Internet one Mountain fastness Even the box is closed down, will emerge in an endless stream. Because there is extensive demand of the market of stock TV, each side of industry chain is at the same time on the market of increment paying close attention to integrated machine, must pay attention to the life of the market of stock that the set-box brings. And how to coordinate the relation among Internet TV and IPTV it is to test trader’s intelligent diff icult problem of the license plate, as for the telecommunication operator, can wait and see, no matter IPTV or Internet’s intelligence TV ,It is still the important means to spur broadband at the present stage, grow and is not so good as and familiar with, IPTV takes many years after all, its chain of industry is riper.

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