Intel: Next-Gen Chips To Use 30% Less Power, $100 Tablets Coming This Year

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    Intel: Next-gen chips to use 30-percent less power, $100 tablets coming this year - Liliputing (click for full article)

    by Brad Linder - Sept. 10, 2013

    -- The Intel Developer Forum kicks off in San Francisco today, and the company is outlining some of its plans and expectations for the future. Some of the highlights aren’t really surprises: Next-gen Atom chips, code-named “Bay Trail” will ship soon. 5th-gen Core chips, code-named “Broadwell” are coming next year. ANd 22nm chips for phones are on the way.

    But Intel did pull out a few surprises. New CEO Brian Krzanich says we should expect Intel-powered tablets with prices under $100 by the 2013 holiday season. There’s a tiny new chip called “Quark” designed for the internet of things. And we got our first look at Lenovo’s Miix 8 Windows tablet.
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    Every iFixit bill of materials I've seen put the CPU cost at $20-$40...

    Nexus 7 ($229) is the cheapest tablet, and minimum-spec tablet I'd want to own.. even if the CPU was free.. it would still cost $189 (or more) (and that price is based on Google not really wanting to make a profit on the HW side of things)

    Hate to see what these Intel tablets will trim from the feature set to reach that $100 price point.

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