Intel Introduces Reference Design For Android Tablets

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    Intel introduces Reference Design for Android tablets - Liliputing (click for full article)

    by Brad Linder - Sept. 9, 2014

    -- Intel wants to make it easier for device makers to build Android tablets with Intel chips. To that end, the company has launched a new program called Intel Reference Design for Android.

    The idea is that Intel will provide a branch of Google Android to device makers that’s guaranteed to work with a certain set of hardware. So rather than spend time trying to find a radio, digitizer, and other components that’ll support Google’s operating system (or tweaking Android to work with your hardware), you can just pick your parts from a list offered by Intel and know that they’ll work.

    Intel says it’ll offer Android updates within two weeks of Google making new releases available, which means that not only will device makers always be able to ship hardware with the latest version of Android, but they’ll also be able to offer software updates to customers that buy their tablets.

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    The article kinda misses the point. Google hasn't made their own box or TV. Apple just has to promote AppleTV and the devices they make benefit from that name recognition. But Google/Android hasn't made their own devices.

    I'd think that a Nexus AndroidTV box would help in that area. The name presents the name recognition of the Android eco-system and the device itself that Google wants to sell at the same time. That's what Apple and Roku do.

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