Inside YouTube's Master Plan To Kill Lag Dead

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    Hmmm Very Interesting! I'm wondering if this is related to the recent problems with YouTube on the GTV Chrome browser?

    Inside YouTube's Master Plan to Kill Lag Dead (click for full article)

    by Brent Rose - June 26, 2013

    "There is a moment between when you click on a video and when it starts playing. That moment is the worst part of your day. The agony of waiting! The torture of anticipation! YouTube understands that, and on a visit to YouTube HQ in San Bruno, CA, we got a look at what's coming to make that awful moment pass before you know it happened.

    According to John Harding, YouTube's core engineering team leader, if a user can click a video and it starts to play within 200 milliseconds, the user will perceive it as being essentially instant. That's the goal. With a service like Netflix or HBO Go, users don't mind waiting a minute or so for a video to cache (aka "start loading up"), because they're about to watch something longer anyway. YouTube, where the average video length is much shorter, can't afford that to have users waiting like that. So, here's what the King Kong of internet video is doing to abolish lag."
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    Yes, I read that article somewhere.

    But speaking of delays, what about the long delays we experience using the Youtube app on GTV? That blue wheel just a spinning between videos is more annoying to me than the 'AW Snap' error msg on the website. Google keeps breaking what works & upgrading beyond the simple functionality of youtube's earlier formats. Aren't updates/upgrades supposed to improve things?

    Leaves me scratching my head about what this new format's downside will be...


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