Input Menu with a mind of it's own HELP!!

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by NicC, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I have been on the phone all day with Sony and Comcast and neither is being helpful.

    I have a Sony 24 inch Google TV. Today RANDOMLY the input menu just popped up. I thought maybe one of my animals laid on the remote again so I moved it and pushed the channel up button on my comcast remote for the digital cable and the input menu popped up again. And ever since any button I push on the comcast remote the menu pops up. And randomly it will pop up.

    Sony had me reset to factory settings... that didn't work
    Comcast had me get a new remote... that didn't work
    Sony says call Comcast.... Comcast says call Sony.

    I NEED HELP... my digital cable is hooked up with an HDMI cable. I changed all the batteries... does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks for any help.

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