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    I've been thinking lately is GTV stops supporting their browser I am going to get me a chrome box to connect to my TV and that way it will always receive the latest Chrome browser upgrade or just get a media PC and hook it up.With the extra horsepower the Sony GS7 has I see no reason why Google and company can't keep their browser up to date! I'm just curious what their big announcement is going to be in May 15-17!
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    Mike IMO Google feels that the more recent versions of Chrome aren't stable on GTV.

    As you probably know GTV currently has a modified version of Chrome 11.

    They can't just slap the most recent android or desktop version of Chrome on GTV - as it has to be specially modified for GTV. I agree it would be great to get a more recent version of Chrome - and Chrome Extension support would be terrific..

    Obviously Google thinks things such as voice search and the PrimeTime app are more important features than web browsing on the GTV. If Google felt web browsing was a top priority for GTV than the controllers wouldn't have got smaller with the tiny buttons -:)

    But you're right with the Chromebox you will always have the recent version of Chrome and the most recent desktop version of Flash. (However you won't be able to do some things that you can do with a Windows computer - such as stream videos that require Mirosoft Silverlight and utilize Skype).

    But if you liked WebTV ( back when it was good) - a Chromebox could be a good choice because you wouldn't need to worry about viruses and malware - plus you get automatic updates.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Mike

    I would say, just get a moderately priced Windows PC in any OS flavor ya prefer. I would get so frustrated not being able to view any content I wanted immediately. Silverlight, Apple media files via Quicktime, etc. My Win 8 w/the K700 keyboard & supplied remote & full USB wired keyboard is the best setup for me and the way I use the internet. My full keyboard that came w/the computer can remain connected w/out interferring w/the k700. I can use either one alternatively. The Wired keyboard remains on top of my PC. If I need to do a restore or use a shortcut that the K700 cannot control, well the Win KB is there.

    I can access the PC from either my 19" via VGA or my 32" via HDMI. I have both screens synced so that I can bring up either individually or simultaneously. I can switch from PC to GTV at will on either TV. The GS7 & the Logitech Revue beat out the PC regardless of having more options. But all three work together to give my home network the versatility that the internet requires.

    Look at all yer options before you decide. It is great to have the ability to download all media options even if ya may not think you'll need them all. The worst scenario is to pay the money for a Chromebook and still find yerself falling short of the media content ya may need to access. And the Tabbed browsing gets old after a while, something we don't have to worry about on GTV devices. Yet...

    Two OS systems are better than one...

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