Ideas for Google TV apps?

Discussion in 'Google TV Apps' started by adamjackson, Nov 21, 2016.

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    The new Samsung TV's with apps are very cool. I sincerely hope they switch over to Android on the next models. Looking forward to seeing Sony's android tv's!

    We were brainstorming today and trying to think of some good ideas for Google TV apps. Pretty much all of our thoughts went to games and game show type apps other than the obvious ones. Anyone care to chime in with some ideas?

    This looks like it could be really fun year with all the new gizmos coming out!

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    Google TV is dead and discontinued - there probably won't be any new apps for Google TV. There will be apps for Android TV. Android TV is the current TV platform with Google.

    It's hard for me to believe (as you mentioned in another post) that Best Buy is still selling the Sony Google TV boxes and their salespeople are touting them as the "top device out there" for internet TV. IMO that borders on outright fraud. Those Sony Google TV boxes were discontinued a long time ago and Google/Sony no longer provide updates or support for Google TV - thus eventually one by one things stop working on Google TV. If I were you I would try to take your Sony Google TV box back to Best Buy - and then buy one of the Android TV boxes (Nvidia makes the best Android TV box). At least that way you will get updates and new apps. Here is the link so you can read about the Nvidia Shield Android TV box:

    NVIDIA SHIELD | Best Android TV Box
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