Hundreds of dollars in, same problem! Please help! NSZGS8 + Onkyo Receiver + Cable TV

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    Really long story here, but I have effectively replaced every component of my home entertainment system, and am having the same problem :confused:

    Here is the problem: When passing signal through the Google TV box, the audio and video cuts out randomly for several seconds at a time. Sometimes it is worse than others. It doesn't matter if the video source is the cable service, or say Netflix from the Google TV box itself. Sometimes the video will cut back on, but without audio, and I will have to reset the AV receiver to get audio back. Sometimes it will cut back on with audio. Sometimes it does this several times consecutively. I could go an hour without a problem, or have it do this 10 times in the first 15 minutes of watching.

    Some back story... I used to have a Vizio Costar hooked up to a Sony AV receiver and Xfinity Moca DVR. My entertainment system was a little hacked. I have an HDTV and an analog projector hooked up. In order to get the 2 video outputs with that AV receiver, I had to run through an HDMI splitter, and an HDMI to VGA converter box before getting to the projector. I don't really use the projector that often, and mainly use the TV. I originally though it was a problem with the HDMI splitter. I replaced it. Same problem. If the audio or video cut out, sometimes it would come back in if I just hit the AV receiver (odd, right?). I then started systematically replacing every piece of the AV system trying to fix the problem.

    Here is what was replaced:
    HDMI cables
    AV Receiver
    Google TV box
    Xfinity DVR

    Now I have a completely different setup. I have a Sony NSZGS8 hooked up to an Xfinity X1 DVR and an Onkyo TX-NR626 dual output AV receiver.. . several hundred dollars later... and I am having the same exact problem. I have also tried manually setting the audio and video settings. There is not problem when hooking the Xfinity DVR directly to the AV receiver. For the love of italian food, would someone please tell me they have a solution for this? I really like the Google TV setup, but this has gotten ridiculous. Please help!
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