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    Well on my Nook Tablet that I ordered I also got the micro SD card to download JB 4.2.2 that even has the latest flash on there too from rootmynookhd.com.Even then when you go to the Hulu site it still recognizes it as a mobile device so you only get to watch clips of everything not the whole episodes.Still no full site experience you get from a desktop or laptop.Best that can happen is when we get our upgrade then if you still want Hulu at least then we can buy Hulu+.My experience with Hulu+ was on my Roku and to me it wasn't worth the price and the app was buggy and even in the Roku forums people still complain about the app even after a year.The app might be OK on GTV.Hulu+ will be a matter of personal taste and like I stated I dumped the app before the two week trial was up.GTV has had it's share of growing pains and has nowhere but up to go.When the Roku unit first came out in 2008 all it streamed was Netflix and it's still hanging in there but they come out with a new unit ever two years.One thing we have going is an updated browser and like football season I can't wait for it to get here! :p
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    Hey Mike can you (or anyone with an android mobile device) try this Puffin web browser with Hulu? Give it a try in theater mode and see how well it plays Flash on various web sites. There is a free version that has full Flash support for 2 weeks. This is a bit different than the other Flash solutions because it actually uses the cloud for the Flash content. Amazon is using a similar kind of technology for Flash support on the Kindle Fire tablet.

    Puffin Web Browser - The fastest mobile browswer with Flash support over cloud on iPad, iPhone and Android.

    I think there is a chance that this Puffin Browser can be used as a Flash workaround for GTV after the Jellybean update - because the Flash comes from the cloud. There is no way to know for sure though if this will work with GTV Jellybean OS until we get the update and actually test it.

    *Note: For Hulu see if there is a way to change the Puffin user agent to desktop mode.
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    I don't have a Hulu Plus subscription now but I thought it was a very good service when I used it during a trial period. The Criterion Collection was a standout for me but overall I thought the selection was impressive, both movies and TV shows. I think I used one of my Blu-ray players primarily and had no issues with the service and I am surprised to hear Roku players have problems with the service.

    I think the newer version of the Chrome web browser might be the best thing about the update, even if it means no more Adobe Flash for the updated models. If I need Flash 10.2, I will play those videos with a first gen model. Of course until we get this big update, we really can't know much, including whether or not a Flash player workaround will be possible, my guess is that answer will be no Flash workaround will be possible.

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