Hulu Plus For Android Update Improves Player UI, Expands Compatibility

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    Hulu Plus for Android update improves player UI, expands compatibility (click for full article)

    by Richard Lawler - May 11, 2013

    "The Hulu Plus app for Android has a new update, and the most noticeable change is that its player UI to closer match the one on its website and in iOS. It also brings features from those platforms like 10 second skip back and a preview thumbnail in the scrub bar. Hulu also claims it's rebuilt "for optimized awesomeness" with reduced buffering, better playback, and more device compatibility.

    Finally, in a move that should make plugging in your HDMI-out a little easier, it supports remote control navigation from game controllers and "similar peripherals." A picture of the new UI is above, check out the old version after the break or just hit the source link to try it out for yourself."

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