Hulu Playing Silly Whac A Mole With Google TV Viewers

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    Users find end-around using Comcast's Fancast


    Mirroring their treatment of Boxee some time back, Hulu recently had the brilliant idea to block Google TV viewers using the embedded browser from accessing their website -- and by proxy their advertisements. At one point users found that tinkering with their user agent got them around the blockade, but Hulu quickly countered and closed the hole. Now GoogleTV users are apparently getting around Hulu's block by accessing Hulu content via Comcast's video portal, Fancast:
    All you need to do is change the User Agent. It's basically the same hack that was used to get Hulu to work on Google TV initially. But once you spend 15 seconds change the setting - and here's how - all you need to do go to Fancast.com and start watching. Some of the premium content from Showtime and HBO are behind a Comcast paywall but the major network's content are all available for free.Of course Comcast (soon to be owner of Hulu) or Hulu will find a way to stop this shortly, after which consumers will find another way to access this content with Google TV. Around and around we'll go, with the end result being Hulu only acting to piss off people who simply wanted to access their content with an Internet browser.
    Earlier this week a Dish Network executive proclaimed that Hulu was "destroying" the TV industry. Maybe that's true, but only in the sense that as essentially an extension of the cableTV industry -- they're making the same kind of ridiculous decisions.

    by Karl Bode
    5 November 2010

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